Low carb flu and headaches

One of my PT and nutrition coaching clients is suffering from low carb flu and headaches, I wanted to share the info I’ve provided to them to aid any other sufferers… So here’s some thoughts and links regarding headaches and feeling flat when you’re new to Paleo… This article provides good background info on carb Read more about Low carb flu and headaches[…]

Paleo Pancakes this Shrove Tuesday

It’s that brilliant day of the year, since you were a young child you’ve loved it, but recently you went Paleo and it’s just hit you… NO PANCAKES…. ARGHHHH But fear not, I’m not going to let you have a cheeky cheat just because it’s shrove tuesday, you can make brilliant Paleo friendly pancakes that Read more about Paleo Pancakes this Shrove Tuesday[…]

Activate Creatine Monohydrate; What & Why…

For years the only supplementation I trusted  and used were vitamins and protein powders, but then I started to research the science behind supplementation and the benefits of various supplements… and after all this research I now use three types of supplements: Protein Powders Creatine Monohydrate Vitamins So, after all my research I added one Read more about Activate Creatine Monohydrate; What & Why…[…]

Full ROM kettle bell swings, not just ‘cos it’s cool…

When coaching a circuits class the other day, one of the participants got a bit heated with me over my coaching of the kettle bell swing. He didn’t like the fact I was getting everyone to go to above the head and thrust with the hips, and he said other trainers / coaches had never Read more about Full ROM kettle bell swings, not just ‘cos it’s cool…[…]

Paleo friendly ‘grok balls’, the ultimate…

A great little snack to eat an hour before a workout, whilst out on a long distance run or just when you feel the need for some food throughout the day. I warn you though, you’ll probably eat mixture equating to about 3 grok balls when you make them, they’re just so bloody tasty! 🙂 Read more about Paleo friendly ‘grok balls’, the ultimate…[…]